Meat the Men of Threshold House

Out of the blue I got a message yesterday, “Could you use a couple of freezers?” I t only took a moment’s thought before I replied “Sure!”. Since then I have scrabbled to get ‘some muscle’ to help with this. I remember the days when I would have done it myself but those days are far distant ones.

Threshold House already has two freezers which are often filled with pizza from Little Caesar’s, but man does not live on pizza alone! I was thinking that we might make some bulk purchases of meat when it goes on sale but then this morning an idea struck, like a lightening bolt. The idea is summed up in the phrase “Meat the Men of Threshold House”.  We will be asking for opportunities to ‘meet’ with churches, organizations and groups. By advertising in the previous weeks the attendees will know it is a “Meat the Men of Threshold House” event and will come with packages of hamburger, chicken etc. which will go into coolers brought by the Threshold Guys. These proteins will augment the meals and allow us to be hospitable in inviting others to dine with us.

Now that the warmer weather has arrived (hopefully) our greatest expense becomes the food bill and “Meat the Men of Threshold” will be of enormous practical help for us. It is amazing how much a group of men can eat! These events will also give our men the opportunity to meet and share their lives and stories with others, which is a considerable side benefit.

We would also welcome any other donations to our pantry. Pasta, rice, soups, cereal etc. is also a great addition to our larder.

On another note, I recently spoke to our National Director and told him that I would be retiring May first 2024. He is coming down for a visit in the next few weeks and we will begin to pray and prepare for succession.  

I am pleased that by then we will have a well-established viable ministry. There were times over the last few years that I doubted that we would get to where we are but God is faithful. It is not that life does not have its challenges. Our men struggle to fully find freedom, and financial challenges change from those of renovation to those of operation.

This Wednesday we hold our first Threshold House Annual General Meeting. We will do a financial report and outline our budget going forward. We are beginning to feel like a real grown up organization! Steve, our Program Director will describe a ‘day in the life of the house’ and a couple of guys will share their stories. A few weeks ago I am not sure I’d say this but I am looking forward to this. If you are in the local area please know you are most welcome to drop by Threshold House at 7 PM on Wednesday April 19. I promise it will not be long or boring. You could even “Meat the Men of Threshold House.”

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