Guilty Silence, Awestruck Silence

The disciples who seemed to fill every silence with questions about building tabernacles or wondering who is greater, become struck dumb. Never at a loss for words they are now left speechless. A quick slash of a sword and then silence drops. Not a word said at arrest or trials. Not a phrase uttered at Golgotha’s horrific scene. This was a “guilty” silence, and it reflected a guilty truth. Braggadocio fled replaced by consciousness of cravenness.

Jesus died accompanied alone by two unwilling cross-mates and a cluster of heart broken women, and a silence fell over the world. The sky turned as black as man’s heart until the rending cry “It is finished!”

Thousands of years later this tableau calls us to silence. Yes a guilty silence akin to that of those early followers. It is our debt that He paid! It is my death He died! This Holy week calls us to silence: a meditative quiet, in which we recognize our guilt. But it also calls us to another kind of silence, an awe struck silence! “Did e’er such love and sorrow meet?” The enormity of the truth of John 3:16 hits home. God is Love, and we are the objects of that love. His love held Jesus on the cross as much as any nail. We gaze awestruck in wonder at the self-sacrificial love on display at Calvary. “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

By allowing this pall of silence to fall on us this week we prepare our hearts for the elation of the Resurrection. Wonder continues but guilt vanishes from the empty tomb! Without a trudge through the sorrowful winter walk of this Holy Week we fail to experience the joyful spring of Easter. Let us purpose, this week to sit silent before the scriptures which depict how Jesus silent before his accusers went willingly to the cross in order to bear our guilt and our shame, so that we can now find that abundant eternal life.

On another note, the guys of Threshold House are growing in service through volunteering more and more. Just last night we talked about the last of ‘Life’s Healing Choices’, the sharing choice. We talked about the importance of being useful where once we were users, and the importance of offering a life-line by sharing the hope we have found in Jesus.

We have accepted another two men. One will come next week and another the first of May. We have some further renovations to do in preparation for this, including the purchase of more furniture. We also need to by another refrigerator. Very soon we will also need to install another shower. These are all signs of growth. We believe that God will provide as He has done so far.

On April 19th we are holding our first Annual General Meeting. We will outline our financial picture and share some stories of the Threshold House ministry.

Please keep us in prayer.