Moving Past Potential

I attended the Threshold Ministries Annual General Meeting this week. I cannot begin to count the number of Threshold/Church Army AGMs I have attended over the years. The last few I have been ‘reporting’ about plans for Threshold House. I did so with real hope and enthusiasm, but this year things were very different! I was not sharing a vision or talking about potential. I was not proposing and persuading. Instead of potential I got to speak about people! It was thrilling to move from concepts and planning to shar about the actual changes God is making in actual men’s lives!

J. & K. are engaged in fulltime work and are rebuilding relationships with their respective children and creating positive relationships toward a future filled with hope.

Another J. is engaged in fulltime study to det his GED. He also often chairs a N.A. meeting hosted at Threshold House.

Another guy A. just got the news that he has been accepted for a job here in Saint John. This job is in the field he has trained for and provides an opportunity to continue in his personal growth as he gets re-established in the workforce.

One other guy D. has applied for work but in the meantime is working out regularly in the gym. He has hopes to spend his life in ministry. It is a joy to be a part of his story.

Yet another J. is working diligently at his recovery. He uses his gifts as a volunteer with the Salvation Army in some of their regular outreaches.

F. works periodically and continues with his artistic efforts in sculpting.

All these guys attend Celebrate Recovery Programs and attend other Recovery based meeting. The live and play together. They enjoy the family they have found at Threshold House. They pray together, celebrate together and struggle together. Some tell of the “life long friendship” they have found here.

The greatest and longest-lasting friendship though is the relationship each has found in Jesus.

It is wonderful to see the result of years of planning and praying. God proves Himself Faithful once again!

We are preparing for our own Annual General Meeting. On April 19th we will meet and give a financial report and share stories of Threshold House. Please pray for us and join us if you are in the are. We will meet April 19 at 7 PM at Threshold House 105 Mountain View Dr. Refreshments will be provided.

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  1. This thrills me to see all the Men going back to work and being involved in the community, with a difference and a changed heart for Jesus

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