Faithful God Fruitful Lives

Today during our ‘chapel time’ I shared about the importance of telling our testimony so that it is God centred rather than ego centred. I encouraged the guys sitting around the table, to discover what attribute of God they have experienced. It is the God of that attribute that we can then recommend in our testimony. Today I am thinking about the utter faithfulness of God. This week I began my 70th journey around the sun and as I reflect upon the past 69 years I see the fingerprints of a faithful God over all of my life. Through tragedy and triumph God’s unchanging loving presence is evident. Through pain and trial and joys alike, God has been true. His Word promises that God will never leave or forsake me. I have certainly not always been as true, but my failures and faults only prove God’s faithfulness. We are all searching for that kind of unconditional tenacious love and the only place I have found it is in relationship with God, through Jesus.

I left the guys with the homework of journalling and praying about aspects of God that they could personally recommend. We will work together at creating organic ways to share the story of their experience with God.

This is exercise is in alignment with our goal. We seek to enable men who have discovered hope in Jesus, to become effective in sharing that hope with others.

I confess I have missed this type of equipping. I always get such a wonderful ‘charge’ out of seeing people loosed in personal evangelism!

It is as we are successful in this aspect that we can be successful in the larger goal of taking the Good News to the wider community, that so desperately needs to experience the God who has such attractive attributes.

It was such fun this week as Linda, and I joined the gang for the morning check in. When it came my time to share the things I was grateful for, I was filled with gratitude that that moment was illustrative of the original vision. Years ago, we began to pray and then several years ago we ‘stepped out’ to begin Threshold House. Through times of Covid and struggle we persisted and that morning I had a glimpse of the fruit of God’s faithfulness, as the table was crowded, and God’s goodness was evident in every life!

We are looking forward to a time of celebration and service over the coming weeks. We want to host those who are lonely, hurting, or just at loose ends, over the Christmas New Years time. We will have hot beverages and festive snacks as well as warm fellowship for anyone who drops by.

During the winter much of our world stops growing, under a blanket of snow, but we are looking for a winter of growth. We are looking forward to a new resident next month and will be talking to other applicants in the weeks ahead. It is our prayer that we see a dozen residents by spring. We also anticipate growth in each individual’s life. Already we have witnessed wonderful transformation in guy’s lives!

Please pray with us. God is faithful.

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