Hodge Podge House News

The guys at Threshold House do a ‘check in’ each morning. This is a round table time where each in turn shares answers to questions like How are you physically today? Emotionally? Spiritually? What are you grateful for? This start of the day exercise gives each an opportunity to ponder and share honestly how they are doing. On occasion I get in on these ‘check ins,’ and I shared last week that I do not often sleep well. I think the group must have started to pray because from Sunday noon until Wednesday morning I spent most of my time sleeping! It seems I caught a flu bug going around!

I got back to work on Wednesday in time to meet with three applicants and it was with real joy that we offered each a spot in our community. Another fellow decided he could benefit by another month in treatment and will come to join us in January. The beds are finally filling up.

A fellow who came to us a little over three weeks ago has successfully moved on to the second phase of life in our community. He has begun part time work with a view to finding full time work in the near future.

Three of our growing community have children and so we are boosting our efforts to create a warm welcoming space for children to visit us. I am looking for folks to volunteer to be a ‘secret Santa’ for one of our Community’s children. If you contact me I will give you the child’s age and gender.

It is our goal to see our guys grow in service to God and others. This past week a couple of men went uptown on a cold Friday night and joined a regular outreach. They gave away pizza that had been donated to us. They came back excited and ready for more opportunities. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day we are offering all those who are struggling or lonely to drop in. We hope to offer a warm beverage and seasonal snacks and share fellowship.

When I walk into Threshold House I am often delighted to hear the air filled with Christian music. Next week, a friend, Rus Blanchet will be leading a Wednesday Night Worship time. Any are welcome to join. Rus’s idea is to lead an Evening Prayer Service. This will be a new format for several of our guys and a chance to learn and grow.

Some of our folk are not avid readers and struggle with Bible reading but have become extremely excited with the discovery of the Message. They will read something expressed in plain language and ask me “Does it really says that?” This leads to lots of wonderful conversations.

It is nice being back from the land of nod as we enter this busy season. I will not soon complain about a lack of sleep.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and please continue.