Hope Realized

Like Mary, Joseph and the Christ-child we are looking forward to three new guests this December. There are definite signs of hope! We anticipate new residents coming and bringing a sense of excitement and new life to Threshold House. For too long the building has had a hollow sense to it but that is changing. There are likely going to be days when we might pine for ‘the quiet days’ but not for long and not often!

One of the great joys of my life, of late, has been informing applicants that there was room in our ‘inn’ for them. Guys have broken down in tears at the news that there is a place of welcome especially for them.

For a minimum of the first three weeks with us a new resident will be engaged full time with us in growing in community and building a new and healthy personal network.

We are busy creating a Children’s Room full of toys and activities for the children of our residents, so that broken family relationships can begin to be repaired.

The ‘guys’ will also be involved in some outreach to the poor and marginalized of our city, joining with existing ministries that reach these populations. Our goal is to create ‘Men of Hope’ who can share the hope they have discovered.

I will be preaching Sunday at our church. The church has been studying the book B.L.E.S.S. by Dave and Jon Ferguson and I plan to revisit the final ‘S’ which stands for sharing our story. In my experience this is where the whole plan so easily falls apart. I will be examining John chapter 9, the story of the blindman who is healed. We will be concentrating on how honestly and naturally he shares his story. He candidly admits there is much he does not know but is very clear about what he does know. “I was blind and now I see!” I am convinced if the Church of God would follow his simple example that the Good News would more powerfully impact our culture, transforming lives.

I am reminded of the riddle: “How is the Church like the mighty Mackenzie River? Both are often frozen at the mouth!” Too often we fear that because we do not have all the answers that we dare not say anything but we do not need more knowledge than our own experience to share our story.

Paul tells and retells his story throughout the book of Acts, but the best role-model is this blind man who simply and powerfully told his story. Some rejected his story others may have received it, the results are up to God and others, but he alone had this particular story. No one else could tell it and no one else can tell mine but me, or you yours.

A week from Saturday we will be hosting another Breakfast & a Message of Hope. We are hoping for another good turn out to hear our speaker Jon Hallewell. Jon’s church was one of the earliest supporters of Threshold House. I am sure without them we would never have completed renovations to be where we are today.

Also in December we look forward to a visit from our National Director Jonathan Clarke. It will be great to show him the vision we shared coming to fruition. Some of the guys are looking forward to challenging him to a game of pool or of Wii.

Please continue to keep us in prayers as we transition into a busier hub, that it will remain a place of peace.

Please pray for my health. My back has caused some problems and the skin covering the wound on my back is taking a long time to completely heal.