Join The Fun

I walked into Threshold House today and experienced something I have not for a long time. I remember the wonderful days of entering this building and being met by students who were thrilled at what they were learning and experiencing of God. Today the guys of Threshold House were enthused with the afterglow of a meeting the night before. God had been evident to them in the interaction of the night before. They shared a sense of excitement that this was but a foretaste!

I have long looked back to the days when the building was bustling with God centred activity and joy. I sometimes have despaired that we would ever have experiences like that again. It was so affirming to me to witness God in the midst of this nascent community.

We have welcomed a new member to the community and a fellow who will join us in couple of weeks also came to the meeting held at Threshold House every Thursday. There is a buzz.

As I begin to think about this burgeoning hope, I am reminded of the wise words of a friend. He asked me how my back was feeling, and I replied that it was feeling quite good. He then told me “That is the time you have to be most careful!”

God is good … and we need to rely on him and not coast on our ‘good feelings.’ We know community life is not idyllic. It takes work and humility. This does not stop me from noticing God’s handywork and celebrating but I need to be aware where such blessings come.

It has been a good week. We made arrangements with Little Caesar’s Pizza to receive a donation of food every Tuesday. We are in talks with other shops to make similar arrangements. We purchased a freezer to store the goods we receive.

We are looking to fling open our doors for: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, for those who are at ‘loose ends’ during the holidays or those who struggle through these times. We are hoping to offer coffee and baked goods and we are asking for donations for this purpose.

We are creating a family room where guys can meet with their children. We are gathering toys and activities to make this a place of hospitality for little ones.

We hope to partner with a friend’s organization to reach out beyond our community and offer a turkey and all the fixings dinner for the hungry and marginalised.

Besides my studies Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we join a Men’s Study at Forest Hills Church and I have begun an ‘in house’ study based on the Sermon on the Mount.

Lots is going on and there is a sense of life and hope, but we realize we need God and His community. Please pray for us and consider how you might join the fun.