What A Week!

I have a reputation in my family circles as a “Eulogy Poet.” I feel like I fell inadvertently into the role. When my father-in-law died I had my jaw wired shut and my pen was my only real opportunity to express my remembrances. Again, when my mother-in-law passed away I found myself staining paper with ink, as well as tears. Last week my son asked me to write something for the bulletin of his bride’s funeral service. I asked with trepidation, “When do you need it?.” “Not until tomorrow.” came the reply.

That afternoon I sat before the dreaded blank page. I did not want to let him down. I prayed and started and restarted on repeat. The following was the final result.

It has been an emotionally draining week, but it has been wonderful to feel upheld by so much prayer! I was so very proud of our children as Judith stood with her brother throughout the week!

Meanwhile life went on at Threshold House. Steve stepped up so wonderfully while my attention was elsewhere. He had to deal with a resident who relapsed and became difficult to deal with. He finally drove this fellow all the way to Mirimichi to a rehab that had a bed available. Throughout the week of chaos at Threshold House Steve did marvellously. We have learned much through this trial!

We have hopes that very soon we will have several new residents. I will be working at furnishing bedrooms. If any local readers have bedroom furniture or bedding, please let me know. Donation toward this project can be sent to financial@thresholdministries.ca . Please note Threshold House Furniture. You will be given a tax receipt.

On October 22nd we are hosting our second monthly Breakfast & a Message of Hope. Krista Bastarache has kindly agreed to share her story of God’s goodness and Faithfulness. Again, local readers are welcome/encouraged to come. Some thought this was a “Men’s Breakfast.” It is not! All are welcome. There is no charge. We will provide an opportunity for a free will offering. Let me know at reed.fleming@thresholdministries.ca if you can come so I can know the numbers to expect.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I am aware of how much I have to be thankful for. I hope you have time to reflect on all God’s blessings in your life. A thankful heart is a joy filled heart!

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  1. Thanks Reed and I thank God for the way He is using you and the rest of the Threshold ministries.

    Frances Morrisey


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