A Sad Day

I wanted to write briefly from a heavy heart.

With every phone call and every email, I find myself in puddles. Many years ago, I buried a child, and I would not wish that on anyone, and now my son is ‘saying so long’ to his bride and his in-laws are laying to rest their daughter.

On her 30th birthday Victoria found herself in hospital fighting a rare infection that resulted in the loss of her leg. Over the last years these same struggles have taken her to hospital time and time again. Now on her 36th birthday her system was so compromised she could fight no longer.

I have this lovely image of her standing before her Saviour as He waltzes her into her new abode. She is pain free for the first time in God knows how long. She is sporting a new ‘heavenly’ body!

We all know that and still it is a loss difficult to bear!

I know there will be a time when tears are dried, but that is not today. I invite your prayers for David, and Victoria’s parents Kim and Bruce, and her sister Kate. These are difficult days.

Below is the prayer Linda and I said daily.

“Father, surround Victoria with your love, in waking and in sleeping, in joy and in pain, in longing and in waiting. Enfold her with your peace. Encircle her with your protection. Embrace her with your compassion, and fill Victoria with your hope.”

God has fully answered our prayer. Now we must put other names (including our own) in this dear prayer.

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