Godly Contentment & Great Gain

We read in our devotions today about ‘contentment.’ The author took particular pains to advocate for contented submission even when falsely accused. I admit to being an abject failure at this. There was a time, some years ago, when I was (in my humble but entirely accurate opinion) unfairly maligned. At the time it seemed that my reputation was in ruins. I was far from content with the situation though I had little or no influence. I seemingly had no venue or process to address these costly claims. If I had learned submissive contentment I could have saved myself a ‘ton’ of energy which I put into worry and complaining. I waited months for a hearing of some sort, but none ever occurred. The rest of the world just moved on and I continued to bear the ‘stink’ of false accusation. Eventually  even my ministry resumed. I found no peace until I could forgive my accuser and those who denied me a chance to rebut these, but life would have gone so much better if instead I would have exercised a settled contentment that God was my vindicator. This was a hard lesson and a hard lesson to put into practise, but discontent and sin are two sides of the same coin. Contentment is a gift from God not a product of circumstances. I can accept God’s gift no matter what life may occasion.

There is too much anger, which is a product of the world and too little contentment, which is a divine gift. I do not think we are to blithely accept injustice but a ‘fight for justice’ need not rob me of the content with an all-sufficient God! It seems to me that this is a grace we ought to seek and a gift we ought to exercise. When I manage this my life is so much better! I highly recommend this while admitting I am in kindergarten of God’s School of Contentment.

We are praying for two new residents at Threshold House.

Our new Night Assistant Steve arrives today after a safe drive all the way from British Columbia.

On the 24th of this month, at 9 AM, we will hold our first Breakfast & a Message of Hope. Pastor Rob England of the local Salvation Army will be our first speaker.

We are planning a big awareness and fundraising event this May. We hope to bring Christian author and comedian Phil Callaway to Saint John for the event. We are looking to find partners to share the expenses. Talks are underway with a group in Moncton. We will also be seeking individuals and churches that will help underwrite the travel costs for Phil and his wife Ramona. Please pray. If you feel moved to help us with this please be in touch with me a  reed.fleming@thresholdministries.ca .

On our Monday through Wednesday Bible Study, we are looking at the Book of Hebrews “The Supreme and Unique Jesus.”

Drop In is a low-key social event which is helping the ministry and the residents expand our network. If you are in the Saint John area please know you are invited to ‘drop in’ at Threshold House any Friday 7 – 9 PM.