God Send

Life has had a few disappoints of late. Our Night Pastor shared that, for personal reasons, he would be leaving his position. This role is vital to our ministry and this news was a major blow! People gifted for this are not in abundance. I felt so blessed when Mo came. It was quite literally a God send. Without him we could not have begun the work.

Shortly after that I suffered some physical challenges which makes me reliant on others for so many of the activities I routinely have done myself. This hindered the pace of many things and was a bit of a blow to my pride.

In Psalm 86 David offered me some valuable insight and advice. The psalm makes clear who is and is not God! In verse 6 David writes “When I am in distress, I call to you, because you answer me.” God is in control! This is especially important to recall when we feel that we are losing our grip. When we are losing our grip God has things in hand, and from his hand we receive blessings.

In his song Matt Redman sings of blessing God’s Name in the “wilderness” and the “desert place.” It is easier to do this “when the sun’s shining down on me” when all “is as it should be,” but faith limited to good times is no real faith at all.

This week we completed an interview process, and I have offered the position Night Assistant to Steve MacDonald. He will arrive in Saint John to take up the work early this fall. I am so grateful that Mo is willing to stay until we fill this position. This is an amazing answer to prayer and yet another God Send.

I remain quite limited in what I can physically do though I continue to look for further healing. In the meantime, our residents, and volunteers pitch in to keep things moving.

Tonight, we hold our first Drop In. I expect it will be small, but I also expect it will be a happy joy filled time.

This week a group of volunteers erected our new signage. I posed for a picture as if I took part, but I mostly tried to stay out of the way.

This Thursday the Men’s Bible Study group from my church will be gathering in our rec room area for a Summer Social gathering.

It has been good to see the building full of life.