Walking On Son Shine

I have known Sean for many years. He and Donnie and I were “the Three Amigos” before Donnie’s death. We meet almost every week for coffee and a ‘catch up.’ Sean was involved in some childhood accidents that leave him with a lot of physical challenges. When I first met him I could not understand a word he said because of a significant speech impediment. We were patient with one another and eventually I could make out most of what he said. What Sean loves to talk about is Jesus, and how the Lord blesses everyday. Though he could sit back and collect his disability cheque he insists on working. He is a cleaner at the University. He was one of the heroes that braved covid to disinfect the communal areas of the campus. He also cleans the apartment building. He is an industrious worker who puts up with a lot of bias and abuse while living his quite exemplary life!

Sean inspires me with his simple and profound faith. When I am down he challenges me to trust Jesus. There is no hollowness to his challenge because he lives out that trust every day.

Last Saturday Linda and I were honoured to be invited to Sean’s wedding to Christine. They have been engaged for some time while Sean saved for the wedding. It was a wonderfully celebratory event. Christine processed down the aisle to “I’m Walking On Sunshine (Son Shine).” The service was what you would expect from Sean, it was Christ centred!

Sean and I have had thousands of coffees together over the years and shared in hundreds of Bible Studies. Once he asked me to take pictures of him with all his medals. I did not realize how many he had. He might be the most decorated Special Olympian in New Brunswick. We spent over an hour as he told me the story behind each. He looks forward to the time he can cast all his trophies at Jesus’ feet. He is a different kind of athlete these days as he seeks to ‘run the race’ and ‘finish the course.’

He has told me, on occasion, how lonely and difficult the race is for him. He often prayed that God would send him a partner in running the race. God has answered this prayer, like he has so many of Sean’s requests. I am thankful to God for my friend Sean and his Bride!

Things are proceeding slowly at Threshold House. I have not been able to begin our Drop In yet but still hope to do that in the coming months. I see great progress in the lives of our residents. At the same time there is ‘push back.’ The World, the flesh and the devil do not seem content to passively watch their growth. There are difficulties which I see as ‘growing pains.’

I have two preaching opportunities in August. Linda, our son, and daughter-in-law are going to PEI in August to experience an immersive exhibit of the art of Vincent van Gough. This will be our second outing with them this summer. Last Friday we went at their invitation, to Minister’s Island. It was great to be with them. God is good!

Please continue to pray for us and Threshold House.