Flash Back!

This was a ‘flash back’ kind of week. We had a visit from an old friend. Agnes and I used to travel all around Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan together. She led worship and led the children while I preached and led workshop events. It was an ‘old home week.’ She was taking a break from her ministry in Northern Quebec on the East Coast of James Bay. We did a lot of catching up!

The other ‘flash back’ was not nearly as much fun! Four years ago, I was suffering chronically a very sore back. I was intently pondering retiring from ministry. At this time, I was pleasantly surprised when at a church service while visiting friends, in Halifax, I was healed! I took that as a sign not to retire and began my current project at Threshold House. This week as I bent to pick something off the floor my back ‘gave out.’ The stab of pain and accompanying inability to straighten was all too familiar. Since then, I have been in a lot of pain but even more seriously I have been battling thoughts of despair. This morning I returned to my chiropractor, who I had not seen in over four years. He did his ministrations, and I am grateful that I have a real measure of relief. I have another appointment early next month. I am grateful too that we have a medical plan that covers most of these costs. This week I have slowed down considerably but I hope to resume most of my activities next week.

Often, over the years my blogs have focussed on the faithfulness of God, and this is a wonderful opportunity to recall that fact and walk in trust. By nature, I could get despondent, but I want to chose to walk in hope. God is as much enthroned in my times of pain as in times of joy.

Plans are coming together for our barbecue on July 6th. The folks from our church’s Wednesday Night Study are bringing dishes and inviting friends. This will be by far our largest gathering in over two years. We hope it is the first of many. If you are in the Saint John area you are invited to join us 5:30 July 6 at Threshold House. You can let me know at streethopesj@gmail.com.

Our Saturday morning studies are proving really helpful to those attending. One guy says, “My spirit has changed since we started.” The conversations each week demonstrate the level of engagement.

We will soon wrap up our morning study of the Gospel of Luke. I am praying about doing Haggai, as a change of pace.

The fellow who is applying for the Night Assistant position will arrive in Saint John in mid August and after we meet we will make a decision.

Please do keep all these things in your prayers. I love hearing your words of encouragement and what God may be saying to you. You can comment here on this page or email at the address above.

Thanks. Blessings.