A Good Week

This week I went to Teen Challenge for a visit. My friend and pastor Roger Graham was invited along, and the fellowship made a long drive go by quickly. Roger’s church supports Teen Challenge and has sponsored several individuals for the program. During our visit he tool every opportunity to share how he and the church were supportive of Threshold House. We had a great reception and left knowing that Threshold House would be held up in prayer at this Centre. On one occasion as we were chatting with the Spiritual Director, I noticed he had a copy of the latest Faith Today on his shelf. I took it down and opened it to an article about Threshold House. You can read it at https://www.pressreader.com/canada/faith-today/20220506/282149294850393

This article was well timed to add weight to our case as ‘a next step’ for graduates.

There are other hopeful signs. There are wires in the East Wing of our residents awaiting the alarm bells which are on back order. I got word that these will be installed next week. This will allow us to furnish those rooms in preparation for more residents.

I returned to Stone Church last Sunday, at the invitation of the Mission Committee. I had not been there since Linda and I decided we could no longer be a part of the Anglican Church in Canada, some two and a half years ago. I was a bit concerned about how I might address that issue, but I felt it went quite well. Linda and I received a warm welcome. I am really grateful for this church’s continued support in finances and prayer.

We received our first serious inquiry about the position of Night Assistant, and we are in the process of discerning God’s leading. In the meantime, our current fellow, Mo, has agreed to stay until we find someone.

We are planning a barbecue July 6th. Folks who have been attending our study of the book Bless are preparing to invite friends to join us for an evening of food and fellowship. Threshold House will provide the meat while other members fill out the other portions of the barbecue. This joint venture is exciting, and we hope it will be fruitful.

Last night I attended a celebration for someone who has been 17 years sober. It was indeed a celebration of the Lord and his work in the lives of those who turn to God for help. It is an amazing privilege to witness this redemptive work in those who once were in a ‘seemingly hopeless state.’

On a personal note, Linda and I travelled to Nova Scotia to visit my sister. My brother was travelling through, so we had a mini family reunion. I had not seen my brother since covid, so it was a real treat.

We got home in time for me to attend the celebration last night and today a dear friend, Agnes, is arriving for a visit. Whenever we meet it is like old times!

Please continue to pray for Threshold House that we find the right Night Assistant and for the installation of alarms to be quickly completed.