Tag You’re It!

This week I got an email from a friend letting me know it was Walter’s 90th birthday. Walter and I had lost touch over the years, but we were great friends in the day. When we first began to work together there was a bit of trepidation on both our parts. I had been asked to move to Toronto to work at the National Office. I became the Director, Capt. T.’s assistant. I think I got the position mostly because, in those days, I was quite strong and could carry Capt. T., who had just had hip surgery, up and down stairs and help him into his car etc. Over the next few years Capt. T. and I became joined at the hip (pun fully intended!). We prayed and planned together as he directed our society. When Capt. T. finally retired Walter was his natural successor. I wondered how I would fit in his new team, and he wondered if I could be a member of his team. Over the next months we too became fast friends. There was a team of four of us that prayed and planned for the next few years. We had so much fun! It was the best of times. We laughed and cried together.

I called Walter on his birthday, and we had a wonderful time of reminiscing and laughing. We remarked about how faithful God has been through the years. Walter’s parting words still ring in my ears “Love you brother.”  I am so glad I took the opportunity to call and regret that I had not done it much sooner.

This story means a lot to me this week because at that same time I was in my annual funk as I recalled the birth of our son, Jamie, and his tragic death. Each May I fall over this same emotional cliff. This week Walter’s conversation was my parachute, halting my descent into sorrow. I am grateful for that but especially grateful for the reminder of God’s faithfulness over the years!

Linda and I have been battling physical health issues this week. Her cough had me quite frightened at times, but we are both on the mend, though she lags behind still.

At Threshold House we have had a ‘good news/bad news’ time. Our newest resident, Jonathan, is fitting in well and we are so happy to be a part of his journey. At the same time Mo, our Night Pastor, let me know that for personal and family reasons he needed to move back to the Moncton area. We are actively seeking a new Night Assistant. We would value your prayers for this search.

This Saturday morning, we are starting a new “Finding Freedom” study at Threshold House. I am really looking forward to this. It will be our home grown follow up from our “Life’s Healing Choices” study. Our experience that when we start these kinds of studies, that the enemy disrupts, so we are asking for prayers for this effort.

Once my health and strength are back we will begin our Friday Fellowship Drop In. The donated pool table and dart board will join our card and board games.

So, we have lots to pray about. Tag you’re it!