A Wonderful Week in Review

It was a real honour to be invited to the celebration last night. The ‘Solution Group’ was celebrating the fourth anniversary of their founding. These folks meet each week at Threshold House, and it has been a joy to know each one and watch them over the passage of years. I have witnessed miracle after miracle as folks who began in a “seemingly hopeless state” have become healthier and more and more useful both in their group but also in the wider community. I cannot claim any responsibility for this ongoing transformation, but that we open our doors for this vital ministry and pray for them regularly.

Last night everyone had an opportunity to share what the group has meant to them. Each in turn expressed thanks to God! This spiritual program has had a positive effect and now group members know the importance of humble service. The secret of success is humility and service. These traits replace the self-centredness and selfishness of previous ‘living’ and provides the means for discovering new and meaningful life. I was a bit surprised when I was asked to share. My usual contributions are to read something or to pray. I was able to thank God for the opportunity to be ‘a fly on the wall’ as I witness the transforming work of God in the lives of those who surrender to His will.

This week Linda and I also had the joy of hosting our small House Church for an Easter Dinner. Afterwards we watched a wonderful message from Max Lucado, who spoke so plainly and clearly, and we sang and prayed together. It was a wonderful end to a beautiful day.

The day began with a ‘Sun Rise Service.’ We had to trust the sun had indeed risen. We did not see the physical sun because it was hidden behind clouds and drizzle, but the evidence of its rising was unmistakable as the dark world turned grey and birds began to hail the dawn. A dozen or so of us gathered under a picnic shelter and welcomed that ‘Happy Morning’ as people from age to age have done! After a snack by the lakeside of salmon we all went home to warm up before our next celebration. This was a Church Breakfast! Eighty plus gathered for breakfast and an Easter celebration

After breakfast Linda and I met with and prayed with a friend who was being baptised that Easter morning. It was a joy to pray with her and to hold her towel and to get a ‘close up’ experience of her rapturous emergence from the water.

The church was the fullest I have seen it in over two years. Most people remain masked but there was a joy in the air. We were joined in our pew by our daughter and her family. It was great to bounce our little grandson as we sang with Easter joy.

Life can be difficult, but Easter joy can sustain us. We have seen a lot of death lately. A wonderful lady and one of the most encouraging people I know died after a valiant struggle with Covid. This is a reminder that there are still vulnerable people among us, and that this type of death is not an easy one! One of my former students also died recently leaving a young family. The suddenness and shock of this is pervasive.

My friend J. remains in the psych ward at the hospital while her various workers make decisions about her future. She is quite distressed by the options they are considering. We are much in prayer for her. I find myself haunted by the lyrics of James Taylor’s song “Fire and Rain,” “the plans they made put an end to you…” It is my fervent prayer that the absolute best decisions might be made for her and that a fresh start might lie in her future.

We were disappointed when the staff from Teen Challenge could not come to Threshold House. They have Covid in their centre and so we are looking to reschedule once they are clear of that.

This week we are planning a visit to a farm that was donated to Out Flow. We are wondering whether there might be ways that the residents of Threshold House might be useful to the development of this property and its potential for ministry.

Renovations of our East Wing will soon be under way. We survived the winter with its snow removal and heating costs, and we are still ‘in the black.’ Praise God! We are trusting the Lord for our future as well!

Blessed Easter!