Logjam Released (?)

It finally feels like a logjam has been released!

Last week we were able to have a few face-to-face gatherings and it was a very encouraging time. Phil Appleby, who is one of the leaders of the ministry Out Flow, which operates a homeless shelter, provides meals, supports housing, and operates a few social enterprise operations, came by to lead our morning Bible Study and chat about the future. We have some interest in partnering with them in the development of some farm property they were given. The idea of having a project like that for the men in our residence to participate in, is intriguing. One venture is to establish a small sawmill on site. This is the very thing that has long been a dream for our Night Pastor Mo. We had a tremendous time of fellowship around the Word, a powerful prayer time and an agreement to keep the discussions going. We hope to visit the farm sometime in the next few weeks!

On Sunday we had a team from Teen Challenge visit Threshold House. There were four residents of Teen Challenge on the team. They showed great interest and even enthusiasm in applying to Threshold House after their appointed year with Teen Challenge. Since then, we have been invited to visit them in Memramcook. We hope to arrange something this month. Their visit and the enthusiasm have spurred me to hasten phase two of our plan. I have been in touch with the folks who will install necessary smoke detectors and fire alarms in the East Wing. This will enable us to accommodate more residents.

Later this month my pal, Kris, will begin a ten-week workshop teaching the spiritual principles that undergird the Big Book. Even long-time members of AA are often not clear about the true intent of the Big Book and this workshop is designed to help this.

We currently have a ‘Life’s Healing Choices’ study going. The honest discussions are quite inspiring.

We are in the third week of our five-week Men’s Breakfasts. We have developed a wonderful team of guys to prepare and serve this meal, and the were a couple of new guys in attendance this last week. Both seemed like they could really use a healthy meal!

Plans are in the works for some future events. We have no timetable, but these events include: a Grand Opening, a series of ‘Spaghetti and a Message’ dinners, a lunch time “Soup for Souls,” and guest speakers at our Bible Studies. Our Friday Fellowship Night will begin as soon as we have delivery of our new maroon pool table. We have not forgotten ‘Shalom Saturday,’ but it remains in the payer stage.

I have the opportunity to preach on April 10th. This message will be centred on the cross which is my favourite topic of all! On April 17th  I will be preaching at the Sun Rise service at 6:30 at the Reservoir. It will be a privilege to share the message of hope as the day dawns. There is no message more relevant to this sick and war-torn world than the cross and resurrection!

We have much to keep in prayer! The more active we become the greater our expenses so please pray for that as well.