Prayer Made Simple

I often wish you could hear the prayers of some of the folks we serve. These petitions are so real, and honest. It is humbling to be in the presence of such pure and simple faith. This past week one of our dear friends got the news that her psychiatrist was taking a sabbatical year. She gives him and his tender care, credit for her quality of life. Years ago, it looked like she would live her whole life in institutions but miraculously she progressed to life in a care home and then to ‘independent living.’ My friend knows, though, that there is no such thing as independent living. There are all sorts of relationships that support and enable her. Chief among these, in her mind, is Dr. J. She will miss him dearly over this coming year!

In her prayer last week, she recognized his importance and thanked God for him. She said, “Thanks for Dr. J. He has kept me sane for 25 years … but we know it is not him but you God who has done this.” In the face of this scary loss and the grief and fear she simply named God as the essential force for her health. I suspect that a few years ago this sabbatical would have thrown her for a loop. I foresee that there may well be rocky days ahead, but as she has grown in intimacy with God she faces what she could not before, and she does so with a simple faith that puts me to shame.

Last week I mentioned that our guys wanted a pool table and saw it as an important element in creating fellowship and relationships within our community but also with people outside our walls. I told them that I did not have “pool table faith.” Our praying friend would not likely share my hesitance. This week I got a call from someone who shared the guy’s vision for this and is paying for the table. I am thinking that we will open our space for a drop in, fellowship time on Friday nights. This table along with; board games, music, and snacks will help us foster community relationships.

This Sunday we will be hosting a team from Teen Challenge. We will give a tour of the building and share lunch together. One young man is from Saint John and if all goes well for him could be a likely candidate for Threshold House!

We had our first Men’s Breakfast last Saturday and things went really well. We hope the number will swell (we had 16) and to accommodate this we are moving to a much larger room. Moving to the room also helps us space people out which is a good thing.

We have several applications that have been requested and almost every week I talk with someone who has someone in their circle who might be a candidate. We are waiting for the right people to come and fill our house. I am already sensing the need to expedite further renovations to add the east wing of the building as residential space. Lots of things remain and the ‘to do’ list grows! These are signs of life!

Please keep us in your prayers.