Make Good Choices!

Linda always said this to the kids when they were going out, “Make good choices!”

A few of us have been engaged with “Life’s Healing Choices”. As a part of this I meet each week with a pastor friend to debrief the issues and thoughts that arise each week. This week we discussed “good choices” I have made. Often these examinations dwell solely on the poor unhealthy choices and actions but this week we concerned ourselves with the good ones! It was a very helpful exercise and sets me up well for next week’s “fearless moral inventory”.

After our discussion, I believe the Lord reminded me of one more good decision, which had not made our conversation. I was in the back of a racing ambulance. The attendants had not been able to put a collar around my neck and so one was tasked with trying to hold my head in place while the other managed my vitals etc. The moment came amidst the excruciating pain when I knew I was drowning in my own blood. It felt pleasant, like slipping slowly into a warm bath. In the far distance I could hear an EMT encouraging me “to hang in there” but the prospect of sliding into that warmth was very seductive. At that instant the thought of my family stirred me, and I made a choice. With what remained of my jaw flapping onto my chest I coughed ever so painfully. I cleared my airway and lived to type this blog.

Today I hear Linda playing with our little grandson and I think about how I might never have met him. I would not have proposed a toast at my son’s wedding or walked down the aisle with my daughter. I look back to that decision and I am so grateful for these years.

The pain of that fall was to be long lasting. The consequences reverberate today. But all of that is transitory. The best choice of all is the choice of Jesus! This is a choice that moves us from death to life. From temporal to eternal!

A week from Saturday we begin a series of Men’s Breakfasts centred around “Finding Your way Back to God.” 

In a few weeks we will be hosting a group from Teen Challenge. We hope they can stay for lunch and a tour but even if restrictions do not allow them to eat with us we plan to fellowship together and tour Threshold House.

I am working with my home church to prepare to welcome folks back to a physical expression of Church. I believe that though there are great benefits to virtual connection, it is not the best. This spring may be a pivotal time for churches.

I will be speaking at the “Sunrise Easter Service” this year. This is a great privilege. It is not often a visiting preacher gets a chance on these important holy days.