Songs of Jesus in Troubled Times

This has been an interesting week for me. Tuesday evening, as we were going to pick up our grandson after his youth program at our church, we were involved in a car accident. We were going through an intersection on a green light when another car decided to turn left in front of us. Linda and I suffered two distinct kinds of injuries. I had realized that an impact was coming and braced myself. The result of this is a number of sore muscles in my shoulders back and torso. Linda was much ‘looser’ at impact and has some bruising from the seat belt. We are both sore but improving daily. The scene had some comic elements (you have to look for the fun in things). Linda’s glassed went flying and we had to enlist a gaggle of firemen with flashlights to find them. I did not have my phone; A policeman offered his but without my contact list I could not recall any numbers (shock maybe played a role). Though I could not remember our daughter’s number I finally came up with our son’s. The policeman’s phone had its number blocked and our son thought I was a tele-marketer and hung up on me. When I called right back he thought maybe he should pick up. At my request he called his sister to tell her to pick up Declan who was being taken care of by a concerned youth pastor.

The rest of the week has been hot baths and marathon phone sessions with brokers, agents, adjusters, tow truck companies, and car rental firms.

We are praising God for his protection and for the good friends we have made who gave us rides and offered us vehicles. The current events in Ukraine demonstrate that we have little to feel sorry about in the grand scheme of things.

This year I have been reading a daily devotion “The Songs of Jesus” by Timothy Keller. It is a daily reading from Psalms with a commentary and a prayer. This has reaffirmed the wonderful treasury that is the book of Psalms. It is replete with records of setbacks but even fuller of praise to the God who is our Sanctuary and wondrous provider. As I watch the news of Ukraine the only place of solace and help is in the Lord, as I meet him in these Songs of Jesus. This was after all his Prayerbook and Hymnal. I encourage all of us who are speculating as to what you can do in such a time, to read and pray the Psalms alongside the day’s headlines. These very psalms inspired the life of the Prince of Peace and can do so for us, as well.

Saturday will mark the second week of our small group study of “Life’s Healing Choices.” We had a wonderful time of intimate sharing last week. Each of has agreed to pray daily for the others in our group and each has determined to find a person to debrief with each week through the study. These commitments both deepen and widen our fellowship.