What You Wish For

I have been thinking about the old warning “Be careful about what you wish for. You might get it!” Like most folks I have been longing for a ‘return to normal.’ Two years ago, my ministry changed drastically. Much of the ‘in person’ aspect of what was almost entirely an ‘in person’ style of ministry was put on hold. Now I find myself on the verge of ramping up again. I am involved in a several new ‘in person’ projects.

  1. A Men’s Breakfast, at Edith Ave. Church, which will initially be a 5-week program centred on the series “Finding Your way Back to God”. This will then morph into a monthly fellowship and evangelistic event. We plan to begin March 12th.
  2. We are starting a small group study of “Life’s Healing Choices.” Saturday evenings at Threshold House. This is the book on which Celebrate Recovery is based. Though this is an 8-week study we hope to continue with Saturday evening times of fellowship.
  3. We are planning to start a new Friday Night drop In at the Edith Avenue site. We will use our old Up Town model with its Word From Our Sponsor as a regular feature.
  4. We are planning for a ‘reboot’ of Shalom Saturday. This is a monthly Saturday morning through to lunch together time of discussion and healing.
  5. I intend to speak ‘in person’ to supporters and prospective supporters. This has been a sorely missed element of our ministry and has hampered our finance and support raising.
  6. We hope to host a series of Open House events at Threshold House .

All this planning is exciting, and it has been long awaited. I realize though that in these past two years I have strangely become two years older, and I am not at all sure that I have the energy for this. I realise that I need more collaborators. I am significantly closer to seventy than sixty and can no longer bulldoze my way through such activities. I am also keenly aware that I must equip others to carry on when frailty finally catches up with me. This idea of succession has begun to consume my thoughts and prayers. I sense that as I move forward into something approaching normal, I need to keep this idea at the forefront and look with expectancy for God’s provision for this need.

These are exciting times at Threshold. We are praying for God to bring us new residents for our community and for bonds of Christian love to abound in our burgeoning community.

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  1. In your last article about reaching 70 I am already that age and on March 14th I will be 71. When there is a job to do on the floor I try to find other things to do while I am down there doing that job because I could be there a while.

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