Time Well Spent

If you looked in this space last week you did not see a new blog. My time was consumed with other things. I write most Friday mornings in order to stay in touch with friends amid supporters all across the country (and beyond). I see this as an important task each week because I so highly value these connections.

Here is a thumb nail sketch of what I did instead of write. Early in the day our daughter dropped off her two boys (the Laddybuck and the Wee Boyo) while she went off to work. School and daycare were not available that day.

So, I played two games of hockey in the basement with the Laddybuck. This involves choosing a team by selecting a hockey card from his stash (No looking, Grampa!) and then playing to seven, using miniature hockey sticks, all the while trying not to break any of Grandma’s knicks or knacks. We also played a rousing game of NHL Monopoly (apparently I won). We watched a Disney movie about a boy named Alexander who had a ‘no good day’ while eating popcorn.

I also was chased around the house by the Wee Boyo. He would crawl quickly around each corner and delight in spying me there. I confess I grew weary of the game long before he did.

I cooked us all a lunch of pancakes though we did not have the chocolate chips Declan likes in his pancakes.

After lunch Ronan and I were both worn out, so we put ourselves down for a nap. He slept much longer than I did, and it was in this period we watched the movie.

There were a few games of Yahtzee and three trips out to shovel the drive.

I do not want to give the impression that I did this alone. While I played with one Linda played fed or changed the other.

It was not my usual Friday of writing and I already miss it!

At Threshold House we have survived our first bout with actual covid as both the residents were down with it. They are both okay now and restrictions in New Brunswick have eased, so we will get back to our routine. The major project is to be in touch with guys who can use our ministry. There are a few applications out and we are awaiting those submissions.

We have a new project, a special Epiphany emphasis “Operation Light.” Threshold House was constructed as school and so the lighting is almost entirely florescent. The lighting is harsh and noisy. It is also not very energy efficient. Our Night Pastor Morris is an electrician, and he can change the light fixtures, but we expect initial costs to be approximately $3000.