Gentle Persuasion

This week during our church’s Wednesday Bible Study we were challenged to think about who we might invite to consider God and his Kingdom. It reminded me of the workshop “Gentle Persuasion” that I was a part of leading back in the ‘90s. It was “The Decade of Evangelism” which always seemed odd to me because the Great Commission had not been previously revoked. It seemed akin to Ford declaring “The Decade of Making Cars.” Nevertheless, we wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity and created several evangelism programs for that era. The most successful was “Gentle Persuasion.” During the decade hundreds of weekend workshops were held from coast to coast to coast, all across Canada. I was involved in so many that my young daughter lamented to me “Everyone I know has a full-time dad. How come I have a half-time Dad?” I was away too much!

We would end the workshop with a challenge in the form of a prayer.

“Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,

And love that soul through me,

That I may seek to do my part.

To bring that soul to Thee.”

We asked each participant to take a copy of this prayer and add it to their daily prayer life, and to do so with the expectation that Go would answer.

The so called “Decade of Evangelism” is long past but the call upon the Church (you and me and all followers of Jesus) to “make disciples” remains in force until Jesus triumphant Return. I still recommend this prayer that expects God to answer and provide an opportunity to participate with Him in effectively sharing the Good News of love and hope.

Here in New Brunswick, we are under strict covid restrictions. My ‘in person studies’ have returned to remote only. My plans to visit churches and parachurch groups have been thwarted again. Yet we know God is faithful!

I had a really nice chat with a reporter for ‘Faith Today’ magazine and I hope to see an article about Threshold House, in an upcoming issue. Renovations continue as we work to transform an institutional building into a home setting for our residents. One of the wonderful things we have done is get a Smart TV and get the guys hooked up with RightNow Media which offers hundreds of Bible studies by some world class teachers. I highly recommend RightNow to churches and groups. We access it through my local church’s subscription.