A Good & Pleasant Place

This week something happened that never seems to happen. Our plumber, electrician, contractor, and alarm specialist, all showed up, and we made giant progress on our renovation project. Next week the Director of Threshold is coming down for a week to help ‘push’ this project toward the finish line! I even began to do some painting which reminded me how I do not like painting ceilings!

The state of the project is hopeful!

Our first resident is patiently waiting in our “Threshold House Annex” (my home) until we get the ‘all clear’ to move in. Maurice, our Night-time Pastor continues to ‘couch surf’ as we wait, but finally it looks like there is an end to this waiting period.

As I was thinking about the many twists and turns of this journey I could not help thinking back even further.

I was commissioned as an Evangelist in 1980. I was zealous then and I hope I have not lost my zeal, but it was raw and untamed. I was more interested in being ‘clever’ for God than being useful. I plunged headlong into the ministry of evangelism unheeding of the consequences. I began ministry like we all do, immaturely. I knew little of patience and even less about humility. The coming years would be an enduring classroom. I am wonderfully surprised that God used me with all my immaturity.

Today I often feel frail and rarely clever. I know I can do somethings and I know I can not do all things! Humility is less a lesson for me now but is a reality that faces me in the mirror. I continue to lose hair and muscle mass but like Paul, when I am weak then I am strong.

When I think of this Threshold House project, I am faced with the abundance of things for which I need others, and it is ‘coming together.’ My biggest role is trusting God to provide! Over all the years this one thing I know, God is faithful! It seems like a small thing to trust him, and that small thing is my one big task. I would not be able to do even this little thing apart from God’s extreme patience with me over the years.

The mistakes and meanderings of the past have led me here. It seems a good and pleasant place!