Threshold House Is Operational

The Thanksgiving Weekend was a more contemplative one than usual for many of us. It exerted its gravitational pull on my attitudes. I had been plagued with frustration. I found myself recalling my renewed zeal for ministry with the healing of my back. I remember the excited planning for a new vision “Threshold House.” I felt that 65 I had one more project for God in me. It was a warm and wonderful time for me, but I was sinking into a funk. I will be sixty-eight soon and the vision for Threshold House remains unfulfilled. I began to despair that I would get there and began to think of who might assume the reins. There have been any number of delays and impediments but like Peter on the surface of Galilee’s Lake I was looking at the storm and not the Saviour.

I determined to look to Jesus in thanksgiving. I began to count my blessings and they are many! One of the things I thanked God for is our home. Our house is little more than a cottage but for the two of us it suits beautifully. Since repairs after a flood a few years ago we have a refinished guest space and with a three-piece bathroom. As I was thinking of this space I was again tugged to lament that we have not had guests since Covid. Then a thought occurred to me, “Why do you have to wait until Threshold House is completed?”

We already had our first resident selected. He has been waiting for a few months to move in, but delays have held him off. He left his room in the South End and found other short-term accommodation, as we fully expected to welcome him soon to Threshold House. The days turned into weeks and then months. The time came where his short-term situation was no longer sustainable, and he was truly homeless. After conversation with Linda, we decided to open our guest space as an Annex of Threshold House. It has only been a few days, but It is a relief to finally be fulfilling a part of our dream!

Things are still slowed down as our contractor has not yet returned from covid related isolation. We had electricians in to ‘rough in’ the wiring for our new smoke alarm system. These alarms were supposed to be installed this very morning but like so many in the world today we are faced with “supply chain” issues. The alarm company does not have the detectors and bells in inventory, so we are again stalled.

In order to share responsibility, we are forming a group to vet application. We have two other gentlemen who are applying so we need this in place very soon.

It is so incredibly good though to be able to say that Threshold House is now operational! We are not what we hope to be, but we are not what we were (stalled mired etc.). Is that not like the ‘Pilgrim Life’ of each follower of Jesus?