Progress & Regress A Journey with God

Having just proposed a new project before this pandemic I have been keenly reminded that “things never go as planned”. A week does not go by that I am not asked how my ‘stalled’ project is coming along. I have developed (unwillingly)some serious patience muscles.

This week we made some significant progress. Though I will not make my Labour Day Deadline for opening, the day of beginning is not far off!

We have our Night-time pastoral care supervisor in place. We will be unfolding more about him in the future, but he is extremely well qualified. I did not want to book residents until we had this in place, and we could confidently accommodate them, but we also have our first resident lined up. We plan (hope) that both will be able to move in by the end of the month.

The goal is that each resident will live with us in Christian Community and that over the course of a year (The Favourable Year of the Lord) that we will provide a continuing network of support and solid discipleship enabling these men who have discovered hope to effectively bring hope to others.

Before these fellows can move in there are some practical renovations to be completed. We are praising the lord that all the plumbing has been now completed! This has include changing all the ‘water supply’ plumbing and the plumbing changes necessary to prepare for the installation of two showers and a washer dryer.

I had thought (planned) that the installation of these showers and other preparations would have been done this week, however our contractor Andy’s wife was rushed to hospital where she had some emergency surgery. So, things are a bit up in the air for Andy and us. We are deeply in prayer for Andy and his bride at this time.

After consulting with numerous people for many months I decided to go ahead and create new signage for Threshold House. These have been made by a local company and our good friend Rob Pitman is going to frame them and ready them for installation. There will be two signs set up in a < shape, so as to be seen from both direction. Again, this did not come off without a snag. Five minutes after the signs were printed I suddenly realised that there was an apostrophe missing (the lesson here is when you are married to a proof-reader let her proofread!). I quickly called to find I was too late. The printers were able to add an apostrophe to the already done signs and tragedy was averted.

My latest plan (will I never learn?) is to host some kind of outdoor gathering around the signs. I also plan to launch introductions of both our Night-time pastor and our first resident in the very near future.

It does feel good to have some momentum, even if it is a bit staggered. I have never lost confidence that God was in this but the progress has been torturously slow and even now I would like to push things along more quickly. God’s time is perfect and I must learn to be content. He is good!