Room for You Too

Over the last year we have become very familiar with the rooms in our homes. Many have spent the entire 525,600 minutes within these familiar rooms. So long has it been that it may seem like an eternity. We grow weary of these walls and long for a more expansive land.

In times of such longing, I visit some rooms beyond my room. In my imaginings I visit the rooms that Jesus has gone before to prepare. I do not think I shall ever tire of these rooms though eternity becomes real.

I marvel in the Court Room. It is here that divine justice is meted out firmly and finally. It is here where all things are made ‘Right’. Before the majestic Judgement Seat, I stand as the gavel bangs like Thor’s hammer and the verdict rings out, “Not Guilty”. It is here in the Courtroom that I dance the dance of the ‘foul made free’. Filled with joy inexpressible and full of glory, I am eternally grateful to the one who became sin so that I might be made right with God and His Kingdom. With the hosts of Heaven, I too could sing of His love forever. The wonder of it all is too marvellous for me. I could gladly camp in this room and never venture beyond.

But God’s lavish love calls me on to other equally majestic and wonderful rooms. Love constrains me into the Family Room. I have been adopted into the very family of God! It may have seemed, to me, enough to be rescued, but God has more and more in store. He invites me to intimate familial relationship. Though I may count it a joy to be a doorkeeper in the House of the Lord, he calls me his child. Now in a relationship unfettered from my selfishness and sin our relationship soars to heights beyond all that I could ask or imagine.   

There are other rooms to visit. There are depths of love yet unplumbed! Eternity may not be long enough to  explore them all.

Here and now though, I sit in my sick room. I have had a bad chest cold for almost a fortnight. For some reason (perhaps exposure to asbestos years ago) my lungs are susceptible to such cold. The last time I had such a cold it knocked me for about a month. This is one reason I have been particularly careful of covid 19. I do not think I would do well if I got it. I was pleased last week when my covid test came back negative. I knew that I would probably survive!

While I may have an extended visit in this world’s sick room I can escape to visit these other rooms knowing that one day it will not be for a social call but for ever.

There is room in his heart for you!

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