Stirring into Consciousness

The first stirrings of consciousness emerged as through molasses. The sight of damp brown earth came slowly into focus and with this picture dawned the recollection of my stumble and epic face plant! I began to check my extremities and they all seemed to sluggishly respond. I fumbled to find my glasses. They were still in one piece! I remember being thankful for that and then I checked my fragile jaw and it too seemed intact.

The signs of that fall are visible on my face, but other consequences are invisible. Today four days later I feel like my brain is emerging from a deep Saint John fog and the nagging headache and bouts with vertigo are mostly faded.

I have been thinking that the original fall has similar attributes. There are obvious signs of the Fall and we recognize them, especially in others. My outward appearance only bothers me when I take time to look at my reflection. We are sometimes blinded to the results of the Fall in ourselves until we spend time reflecting, but we can more easily see it in our wounded world around us. Still though there are deeper, invisible wounds which impact us and our world. Our ability to think and feel as we were designed have been hampered.

As we find Christ, or perhaps better are found by Him, we experience the awakening to a consciousness we had not experienced. The next phase of sanctification is one of emerging from the consequences of the Fall and slowly learn to think feel and behave as citizens of the Kingdom of God, for which we were created.

While I trust that my journey out of concussion is all but over, I think that our recovery from the trauma of the Fall will not be complete until Jesus finally and fully puts things right. In the meantime, it is our lot to do all that lies within us to prepare ourselves and others for that coming Kingdom. Now we may see as through the mists of fog but then “face to face”, now our thinking may be shrouded but then “we will know as we are known.”

This week we finished work on our introductory video of Threshold House.

We are also planning a Christmas   “Banquet in A Box”  which will be a feast of Charcuterie: a ‘savory’ Charcuterie package; dried meats, cheese, crackers, spiced nuts, fruit, relishes, mustard etc. prepared by well known local chef Russel Dobbelsteyn of Chef’s Table. The “ Banquet in a Box” will be a takeout meal to be picked up a Threshold House December 19th. We are working on the tickets and advertising and should have that out soon. We will set the price of the meal at $25, which is ‘at cost’ and will be asking for donations besides. Our emphasis will be on a regular small monthly gift and we are a creating a system for people to partner with us in this way.

There is lots to look forward to as the Lord lights our way!