Waken, Wonder, and Witness

Apparently God’s awesome wonder was on full display last night, in the skies outside our bedroom window.  I say apparently because I snoozed (my wife would say snored) through the whole thing. While I enjoyed blessed slumber, she stayed awake to admire the amazing flashes of lightening and the deep resonating rumble of thunder. She tells me you could see the lightening through closed eye lids.

There in the heavens, on full display, for those who had eyes to see, was evidence of God’s “eternal power and divine nature”. Some who saw it, no doubt, missed really seeing it, every bit as much as I did.

I woke this morning perhaps more refreshed than my bride but less filled with wonder. My slumber did me no lasting harm   but for those who are spiritually asleep, for those who ‘see’ but do not comprehend the majesty of God, their slumber is indeed a dangerous state.

The phrase “woke” has become in vogue in our culture. Being “woke” is a parody of being “awakened” (as in the Great Awakening) but being “woke” is the palest of comparisons to being “awakened”. Only God can awaken an individual, but in his last command before returning to his rightful place on Heaven’s Throne, Jesus charged his followers to be his witnesses.

This morning I heard a compelling and irrefutable witness to the glories on display outside our widow. I heard the admiration of the divine display. I know now what I had not as I blissfully slept (snored). I have also seen the testimony of others via Facebook. I am totally convinced of the raw power of God on display. I have transitioned from ignorance to being convinced through the simply witness of others that I trust.

This type of witness is what Jesus commanded of us! As we walk with him and experience his goodness we are not to remain silent while a world wallows in ignorance, blissful or otherwise, of him and his love.

I think we often do not do this because we do not take the time to “see”. We do not notice or meditate on the greatness of God in which we live and move and have our being. If we do not see, if we don’t notice, if we don’t stop in wonder, how can we ever be witnesses to his love. If we fail to savour the love he lavishes on us we fail at our primary task, to be his disciples.

Next, after noticing and wondering, we use our words, as inadequate as they may be. Too often the church is like the mighty Mackenzie River, it is frozen at the mouth! There is a lot of chatter this morning about last night’s storm. There is much chatter about sports teams or engagements or new births. We love to tell good news! Let us be as intentionally in ‘using our words’ to tell of our experience with God through Jesus. My wife could not likely tell me all the physics behind the heavenly spectacle, but she did not need to. She told me of her experience. You cannot argue or refute someone’s experiences.

God, by his Spirit may awaken someone through your faithful witness. Others will be encouraged and perhaps re-awakened to his wonder. We ourselves will be strengthened through faithful witness and our lives shown to be fruitful. Let us stir ourselves and shake off our stupor! Let us find fruitfulness and satisfaction in faithful witness. We do not argue people awake but through our wonder and witness God works yet more wonder!