For years I thought that I was not big on rituals, but I have come to realize we all have rituals. I may not have the same ones as you, but we all have rites that mean so much to us! Lately my grandson and I have formed our own little ritual. We come in from playing outside and I pour him a glass of apple juice and get a glass of water for myself. We sit at the table and take a big gulp, set down our glasses, gaze at one another and let out an “Aah!” at the same time. We had worked up a thirst and that first gulp brought us a wonderful satisfaction made all the better by sharing the moment!

We had been out in the sun playing together until our bodies told us that we needed hydration. Our first gulp did not rehydrate us. It was though deeply satisfying. It would take some time for the fluids to be restored in our bodies, but that gulp brought satisfaction. Our thirst was quenched, though the full restoration was yet in the future.

In our study of the Gospel of John we had looked at the story of the ‘Woman at the Well’. She is promised living water that would truly, lastingly, satisfy. Time and again in this Gospel we are reminded that God intends an eternal (in quantity and quality) life. This is a life of deep lasting soul satisfaction!

John urges us to believe in Jesus and receive the gift of this deeply satisfying life. When we think of this gift, it is much like the ritual the Laddybuck and I share. We express a great “Aah!” of satisfaction, though the full measure of satisfaction is yet to be fully realized. We celebrate the wonderful ‘already’ and anticipate an even more glorious ‘not yet’!

God is surely at work in us just as the gulp of water is finding its way to the dehydrated cells. We are experiencing an unfelt sanctification and one day God will welcome us fully into His fully satisfying presence. Until then together we celebrate with a great “Aah! Men Lord come quickly!”

My grandson and I both know that we will get thirsty again,(In fact if he has his way we will be thirsty again soon!) but each time we enjoy our personal rite. It is a celebration of companionship and celebration. I enjoy these times and I wonder if my Father finds as much joy when I find satisfaction for my thirsty sin sick soul as I return to Jesus who offers these waters of life. I suspect He does.

Our Street Hope ministry is not what it once was and may never be again, but I trust in the God who alone brings satisfying and abundant life. This is the source of our sure and certain hope.

God bless. <><