Litany of Excuses

I have decided the easiest thing to write about this week is my litany of excuses for not having much to write about.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would continue my Bible Studies even without an audience. I can not meet with my friends from Street Hope, so I began to just video a study and post it on Facebook. Where I used to do the study with ones and two now there are many people who at view at least some of the study. These studies used to provide regular fodder for musings in this space but now that they are already ‘out there’ they feel unavailable for blogging.

I have sporadically nursed a grievance with God as friends enjoyed sabbaticals to pursue special study or projects. I have never been in a position to do this and secretly (not so secretly with the God who knows all my thoughts) envied those who did. During the enforced isolation I felt God say “Now is your time! Stop your whining and get on with it!” So unbeknownst to the rest of the world, until now, I am taking this pandemic as a sabbatical. I have always has had the perhaps narcissistic idea that I could write a book and have decided to use this time toward that end. I am writing about maturing as a follower of Jesus using the story of Gideon as vehicle. Obviously, this kind of project requires a bit of cogitating and it would be premature to be blogging those thoughts before finishing the project. I might be wrong on this it might help refine the work but still I hesitate.

I spent two days on a Threshold Zoom meeting. It was great to see the huge “Brady Bunch” like group of Evangelists from across the country. We studied together, shared with each other,  prayed and worshipped together. It was fun and uplifting!

My final excuse is that I have not been well this week. I am happy to report that I am much better today!

All this to say I have little to share with you on this blog. You would think that might give me pause but I have decided to plunge on despite the paucity of material.

God is at work in our hearts as He is at work in the world. I found myself sharing over Zoom that God is not taken aback or taken by surprise at Covid. We can look to him and trust him for today and for the future. I was just reading a wonderful couplet from Max Lucado.

“Evil will have its day to have sway,

But God will have his say and ultimately win the day.”