Mission & Imagination

This summer some friends from Christ Church in Pennfield had a really creative idea. They decided to plant and tend a garden. This is a very biblical venture. The idea was that they would enjoy warm fellowship, quite literally, as they weeded and watered and nurtured this plot, but also that the produce would be used to benefit others. The idea originated with a young woman, Eden, who was looking for a way to serve the Kingdom. The enterprise was soon dubbed “The Garden of Eden”!

The harvest was gathered yesterday and tonight will find its way into a large pot of soup. This group is travelling to Saint John to serve this  hearty repast to our Street Hope community as we gather for our weekly Drop In.

I’m impressed by the imagination , dedication, and vision of Eden and the team from this small church. They will have an impact far beyond filling empty stomachs. They will be living proof of the love of God.

This reminds me, too, that each of us can find ways to bless others in ways that suit our talents and resources. I think back on an even younger person, Sadie, from that same church who raised hundreds of dollars for our Christmas outreach, a few years. Willingness and a bit of imagination is all we need to be useful in his Kingdom. Perhaps we should take up the challenge that Eden and Sadie lay down with their examples. Can each of us find our own way, this week, to be helpful to the Kingdom of God, within our abilities and resources!

I am ‘stoked’ about our new ministry project “Threshold House” which will be the home of Street Hope Saint John and house a Christian community of men who have discovered hope in overcoming addiction, and are being equipped to be ‘bringers of hope’ to others. Street Hope is a small ministry but we believe that through “Threshold House” we can multiply our ministry and make a significant impact on the scourge of addiction in our wider community.

This October we will be hosting three events designed to share this vision and to encourage people to support it. These events are:

Saturday October 5th 10 AM Brunch (call Reed 721 1788 to reserve a place)

Tuesday October 8th  1 – 4 PM Open House & Drop In with presentation at 2 PM

Thursday October 17th  7 PM Dessert & Worship

All these events will be held at Threshold House 105 Mountain View Drive.

Please keep these events in prayer. We hope that by providing different times and dates that we will see a good number of people.

Our last Roamin’ Holiday event is now scheduled for next Tuesday, the 17th. We will be having a fall picnic at Lepreau Falls and a washer toss tourney. For those who may not be familiar with ‘washer toss’ picture horse shoes only with big metal washers. We are grateful to our friend Rob Pittman for the loan of the game.