A New Journey: Hop On the Bus

There are some very exciting things percolating at Street Hope Saint John. We are actively pursuing an expanded ministry on a number of fronts.

We are planning a new basic discipleship training program in order to identify and equip people for ministry under our banner. In doing this we are seeking to return to our roots, the organizing principle for Wilson Carlisle, the founder of Church Army (now Threshold here in Canada), was for lay (non-professional/non-ordained) evangelists to share the desperately needed Good News with their fellows. We hope to minimally equip those God might call and give internship opportunity, through our shared ministry. I find this personally exhilarating. It may be a part of the answer to the question of succession. I have wondered what would happen to the ministry when I could no longer do it. The program we are looking at will involve a cohort doing an online course and meeting together to discuss and practise.

We are in an active search for a new ‘home’ for an expanded Street Hope ministry. This has been an exciting journey already. We began with the idea of finding a home for our current ministries and an expanded outreach into the realm of addictions. As we talked and prayed the thinking expanded to the concept of a home which would accomplish these purposes but also have a residential space. Such a space would be a ‘launching pad’ for those who are recovering from addiction, a place to live in supportive Christian community while pursuing, health, education, or re-entering the workforce. This ‘launching pad’ would be a temporary home while men became firmly established in the Kingdom of God and contributing citizens in the community. I hope in weeks ahead to give more details of this, but we have identified a place that would be ideal for this and things are moving apace.

A Roamin Holiday (4)

Last summer we offered a “Roamin’ Holiday” to our friends of the inner-city. This involved a series of day trips around our “Picture Province” for folks who seldom travel more than a few blocks. For several months I have been asked if we were doing it again. I am pleased to tell folks that with God’s help we will be doing it again! This week I will begin the initial planning and begin the necessary fund-raising campaign. Last summer was a fantastic time for folks and we are hoping to build on that this year. I will be adding a “Word from Our Sponsor” to each trip. this time, tailoring the ‘word’ to the context of our trip. I also plan to foster conversations about the ‘word’ and the trip on the bus ride home. I think these additions will add value to this summer ministry.

I ask that the above ‘fronts’ might animate your prayers. The need is great! The fields are white! Let us pray to the Lord of the Harvest. We will also require growing financial support in support of a growing mission. Thank you.

Hop on the bus! All aboard!

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  1. GREAT news on two fronts, Reed! Succession, and a great trip in the planning stages! Travelling with the Lord both ways.


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