Pondering Puddles and the Meaning of Life

I tried not to laugh. I had witnessed someone step off the curb into a deep puddle of water and soak his pants up to his mid calf. I do not normally find these kinds of misfortunes amusing but the person did this because he was checking his phone and not looking where he was going.

Texting and driving has become such a problem that there has been a ban. People everywhere are consumed by the pings and bongs of these phones. “Who is texting me?” “Did someone just like my comment?”

All this evidences a profound need people have for connection. There seems to be a universal urge for relationship but many of us are looking in the wrong places to meet this irresistible impulse. It reminds me of young Samuel who heard a call and ran three times to connect with Eli. Eli realized that the ‘call’ was from God and instructed the lad to communicate to God that he was listening.

I believe two things are abundantly clear: we are created with the need for meaningful connection with our creator, and our creator has a reciprocal longing for us. These two truths shape my evangelism. My early training taught me to bludgeon by dint of apologetics and force of oratory, into the Kingdom. I have come to see this as folly! Instead I see that people are, for the most part, already looking for this connection with the Creator. This natural desire has become perverted. It is on display through our smart phones, our addictions, our human relations etcetera, etcetera.

Folks do not need to be kidnapped against their will. My task instead is to help folks discover that the ‘thing’ they seek in their own unique search, is the Kingdom of God and relationship with their creator. Redirecting someone’s passion is a much less daunting a task than persuading them against their will.

That fellows pant leg became a sign for me of his search for a meaningful and affirming connection. I would have done better to swallow my snigger and instead commiserate and acknowledge my own thirst for connection. Perhaps I missed a real opportunity.

The amazing good news is that God wants that personal relationship that we crave. He created us with the craving and invites us to find abundant satisfaction in Him. It is wonderful that his love is so persistent. As with young Samuel, he continues to call and woo us until we respond.

Next Friday we are hosting our annual Good Friday movie. This year we will be presenting “The Ultimate Gift”. We pray that hearts will be touched. We are also planning a gathering of our House Church family for an Easter dinner. One of our members flies off to Montreal the next day for surgery so this will be an important gathering.

I hope you take time and effort this coming week to ‘walk with Jesus through Holy week’ and celebrate a glorious resurrection Sunday!