Gaps in the Foundation

I have gaps in my foundation! The storms came last week and these foundational issues became all too apparent. Climate change has made the ‘once in a decade’ storm a yearly event. Melting snow, sleet and buckets of pelting rain fell on unreceptive soil and the roiling mess sought out the gaps in my foundation. Fortunately I have experience (though I wouldn’t have called it fortunate when I had the experiences) and I knew where the gaps were. In one spot where a ‘well’ exists I was able to install a sump pump but the other place where the basement floor is broken is less accessible. For this area the answer is a wet vac. The 2 X 2 well filled every half hour both Sunday and Thursday nights last week and I stayed up to empty it safely. My back ached (it still does) and my mind was fogged with sleep deprivation. There was no way I could write a coherent blog last week.

I was reminded of scriptural teaching about the importance of foundations and ‘building on the rock’. Others on my street do not have the same gaps that I have but they experienced flooding. Their foundations leaked despite the fact that there was no obvious flaw and they suffered considerable damage.

I have now caught up on my sleep and am enjoying an undamaged home because: I knew there was a storm coming, and I knew my weaknesses. Spiritually speaking, there is but one who has a perfect foundation, Christ alone! Storms are inevitable in life. The winds will assail, and the tempests come. There is no avoiding them. Firm foundations are a must, lest we become musty! Yet our best foundations are cracked.

A combination of, sad experience and wisdom from God, are necessary to deal with these cracks. Where are our foundations weak. Let us not dissemble, trying to fool ourselves or God but to admit our weakness. This calls for a ruthless introspection. In AA this is called a fearless moral inventory. If my foundation remains unexamined then it is apt to be exposed at great cost.

I remember learning in Vacation Bible School that we must build our life on Jesus Christ in order to have our life built upon the Rock. Like many VBS truths, this is really only a partial truth. The fuller truth that the foundation is based on living out the teachings and example of Jesus. Merely knowing Jesus does not insure I hold sure in the storm, it is my bedrock belief in Him a Saviour and as Lord, that enables me to weather the weather.

The religious tradition that I grew up in emphasizes the importance of introspection, and definite seasons are set aside for this. These times are not for ‘self-flagellation’ but are instead times to examine and repair our foundation. Sometimes repair may elude us and instead we ought to be keenly aware of our ‘cracks’ so that we can bail when the deluge comes.

While I am grateful for the tradition that nurtured me, I am fearful for her foundations.

On another note, I’m very excited that we will be starting a new AA group “The Solution Group” out of the Out Flow building (formerly Fitzpatrick’s Funeral Home). The goal is to provide a healthy atmosphere and offer a spiritual solution to those struggling with addiction. The first meeting is Feb. 7th. Please pray.