Not What I Planned


“This is not what I planned!”  This is a recurring thought for me. Life just doesn’t turn out as I had hoped. When I was younger this was a source of disappointment but now I must admit I am grateful that ‘my will’ does not rule the day.

This summer I planned to take people to Hopewell Rocks. Our friends were excited about the prospect but just as the time drew nigh, we experienced an unexpected and expensive car malfunction. With fear and trembling I approached our friends with the disappointing news that I just couldn’t arrange the trip, at this time. They were universally gracious about it! I was very blessed by the response.

I began to pray about a ‘Plan B’ and thought about St. Martins. It is a lovely seaside community which is much closer to us. Last week I mentioned this in my blog and a long-time friend and supporter from that area, offered to meet us and arrange a tour of the sights and a visit to the local museum. Linda and I took our grandson down on Saturday to scout things out. I arranged with the local restraunt for lunch for the whole crew, so that we could experience their “World Famous Seafood Chowder”.

Our new friend, Shawn, offered to drive us in the River Cross Church Bus and we headed off. Some of the more agile of us visited the caves which have been formed by the Fundy Tides. We managed this just before the tides made it impossible to get there and back. Some of us got our feet wet but had a wonderful explore. We soon found out why the chowder was world famous. I have never had a chowder with more lobster and shrimp!

We headed off to visit our first lighthouse and the iconic covered bridge. Fern gave us a tour of the harbour and we visited the shops being set up for the cruise ship tourists who were a few hours behind us.  We then travelled on to see another light house. This is a working one, and we got to explore inside and climb right to the top. The views were spectacular!

We also saw some ‘flower pot’ rocks which would be similar to the ones we missed at Hopewell. Folks were more than happy with the day. Plan B was probably a much better one than my Plan A.

That famous theologian, Garth Brooks, wrote “Thank God for unanswered prayers!” We are grateful that no matter what our personal disappointments God is sovereign and while His ways are not our ways they are good ways.

Tomorrow we will gather for one final celebration of our Roamin’ Holiday. We are holding a Thanksgiving Barbecue and each of us will have the opportunity to share about our experiences this summer. I shouldn’t be surprised, it went much better than I had planned!

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  1. Great great thoughts Reed. Reedemptive, indeed. The simple but too easy version is Let Go and Let God. Ha!


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