Throwing Pots

The First Sign

Ordinary water, the stuff of everyday life,

The stuff of life itself!

Poured into dull clay jars,

Pots thrown by human hands!

At His command tipped out,

Gushed forth the best of wine,

This the sign “New Wine”!


In the ordinary of hum drum life

Minutes and hours that make life itself.

He pours into dull clay jars

Pots thrown by divine hands!

At His command flows out

Streams of ‘Living Water’

This sign “New Wine”!


I was recently at a gathering of our Threshold Community. During the time together the topic of note taking and journaling came up. I shared that I don’t write anything down. Immediately I was reminded by my friends that I write each week. At their insistence I did have to admit (to myself) that this does form some kind of journal of my thoughts and journey.

Linda is an avid note taker but I never take notes. I got through school on my then excellent memory. It fails me sometimes lately but in the past it saw me through. Most of my ‘writing’ though, is for my own amusement. Much of my so-called writing is never actually written. I compose in my imagination and there I edit and there I enjoy. I share these only with my ‘Muse’, God the Holy Spirit. The above were some thoughts I had as I mused on John chapter 2.

I look for the double entendre from which to make a pun. I see clay jars and think of Paul’s analogy that we are jars of clay. I think about us being formed on the potter’s wheel ‘thrown’ by God who is the Potter. I remember Graham Kendrick’s poignant lyrics in “The Servant King” “Hands that threw stars into space to cruel nails surrendered.”, and see a double use for the word thrown, for a potter ‘throws’ a pot. I see the everyday ordinariness of tasteless ubiquitous (for us) water, which occupies the clay pot until the royal fiat to be poured out. I wonder when it became such fine wine. Was it wine before it was poured or only as it was poured? I don’t know. But I do know the new wine was not in evidence until it was poured.

Where am I being poured? Or am I holding my contents to myself and not living for God and his world? Is my fine wine turning to vinegar as it remains? The promise of John 4 is “streams of living water”.

The Dead Sea is dead because there is inflow but no outgo. It is well named! Is there a lesson here? I think so!