Call to Recall

God gives good advice! This is why I highly recommend regular reading of scriptures. One great piece of advice I have been trying to heed is to remember. Over and over in Scripture God tells people to remember. They are told to remember: times of deliverance, times of blessing, facets of God’s character, and especially the work Jesus accomplished on the cross. Why does God want us to remember? Surely he is not like a persistent bill collector reminding us of our debts! No he wants us to remember so that we can celebrate his goodness and trust his faithfulness for our present and future.

Two things reinforced this call to recall. I received a much anticipated book in the mail. These days I rarely read a real paper book. My fingers are so clumsy these days I find electronic readers much easier than turning pages, but I make a glad exception for this book, “Looking Back Looking Up”. My friend Grahme Spear wrote this book as a reminiscence of God’s goodness throughout his life and ministry. I hear his voice in every printed word and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the situations and pausing in praise at others. I was aware of some of the stories but not all and found them inspiring in there telling. I have known Grahme for over 20 years and he continues to be role model of gentle spirit lead faithfulness.

Special K

The other reminder to recall came this week on the Street Hope Saint John Facebook page. A picture of our friend Special “K” came up. Two years ago I baked him a cake for his birthday and he was delighted! He said it was his first birthday cake in over 40 years. I don’t see Keith much anymore. He has slipped into a deep depression coupled with bouts of self-medicating. We pray for him regularly at our Study & Prayer times and look forward to his return to our morning fellowship. He grew up just two doors from where Linda and I live. I am grateful for our friendship and reminded of the difference small things can mean in a person’s life.

My trip down memory lane caused me to remember “where my help comes from”. In the challenges of ministry with folks who struggle and in the day to day grind, these things remind me that he is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.” It is an easier thing to trust him with the trials of the day if we remember his faithfulness through the ages and particularly to us.

Lately we have been really blessed by supplies given to Street Hope. We have no shortage of food and snacks for our Drop In. People have been very generous. At the same time we continue to see slippage in our financial support but recalling God’s faithfulness we press on undaunted. There are two things you should never worry about: things you can’t do anything about, and things that you can! (if you can don’t waste energy worrying use it to “do it”!