Floods & Thankfulness

In the middle of a busy week….WHAM!! In came the flood, literally a flood!

Besides my regular routine I had film night with Rob and the guys from the Half-way house. I had a budget meeting scheduled. I had an exciting meeting with a group to plan new incarnational mission activities. I had a meeting with volunteers and staff of Out Flow ministries to help them become equipped to help people in ‘recovery’ with their 5th Step and beyond. I had work to do on the session I will be teaching at Crandall University in March and I had my last sermon to prepare for my friends in Pennfield. I want to make my farewell sermon count!

Into this week came a flood. After a series of major rain events my basement could keep the water out no longer. At 4:30 AM my wife woke me to tell me something was amiss. I got up to investigate and stepped off the last basement step into 2 inches of cold cold water. The heavy rains were compounded by the breakdown of my sump pump and a random shoe which had plugged the floor drain. What a mess! Cardboard boxes full of a lifetime of photos were water logged.

I usually take pride in only taking one bag of trash to the curb every two weeks but the next time we will increase that exponentially.  My schedule was going to be impacted. My physical stamina was going to be tested! Yet Linda and I were thankful it was not worse. We are thankful for the health to physically cope and the spiritual resources to be thankful. “In everything give thanks.” Were among the first words from Linda’s mouth. (I must confess mine were less holy. I think I first complained about how cold this water was on my bare feet.)

Scripture says that when floods come we will not be overwhelmed. The word “when” conveys the inevitability of floods. When temporary setbacks happen my mind is drawn to think about my son David and his bride Victoria. They suffer setback after seemingly endless setback and they persevere. It is wonderful when your children become your role models! They are not overwhelmed and I will not be either. The ache in my back from my spate of recent activities has only made me more homesick for the time when floods and sickness, sorrow and sighing will be but distant memories.

My ego may have to accept that my sermon may not be stellar this Sunday or it may be despite me. Either way we will choose to be thankful.