Fresh Starts

Advent is a time of fresh starts! John the Baptist enters the weary world that has been mourning in lonely exile awaiting the Messiah who would change everything, with the words “Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.” He offers a fresh start and this gracious offer resonates with the public. He is scratching where they are itching. They like us need a fresh start, a chance to turn from the tired ways that are not working for us and turn toward God and the way of his Kingdom.

This new blog is an expression of this ‘fresh start’. After a time of frustration with my former blog I opted for a fresh start with a new one. “Hope & Reedemption” will continue to discuss the life of our Street Hope community and my personal experiences and musings. Over the years a number of people have become readers of my old blog and I hope those folks will find their way to this one. I hope, too, that others might be introduced to Street Hope through this new effort. Blogging has become an important means of staying in touch with friends and supporters and to hear from them through the comments section.

I invite you to take a look here each Friday for my weekly writings. I try to make them interesting and I try to make them short approximately 500 words. Perhaps you would like to join me on this journey of faith. I look forward to many more submissions.